Friday, October 21, 2011

Qaddafi's Departure - Be The Better Man

I won't usually weigh into politics because its not really my thing. But following the story of Qaddafi's capture and subsequent execution pisses me off.

Now, don't ever get me wrong in thinking that I'm in Qaddafi's corner (or was), because the guy is a capital D - Douche Bag. He was a despot that operated like one, i.e. torture, armed repression, religious intolerance, Lockerbie, plus some. And to be perfectly honest, the bastard got what was coming to him.

But, and there is a sizable but here - by stooping Qaddafi's level, the rebels really trashed their international "street cred". That whole 'eye for an eye' thing is crap. Be the better man, and you'll be remembered for it. Be the same man, and you'll likely be taken out by the next guy in line.

There is serious truth to the phrase, "Those who stare long enough into the abyss must be sure that abyss doesn't stare back." These rebels should have taken especially good care to be fighting Qaddafi - both militarily and ideologically. You don't depose a violent autocrat by blowing his brains out in a back room, you give him the trial that he refused to give Libya for the past half a century. 

And add a little pomp and circumstance to it. Show off you're accomplishment, and show as many people as you can that you are ethically and morally above a monster like Qaddafi in every way, without question. Try his ass for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and a slew of other charges in a fair trial. And come on, a fair trial for someone who is guilty BEYOND QUESTION would be fairly sentenced to the chopping block. It's not like he would be exonerated. The whole 'just following orders thing' wouldn't have really worked here.

Why would these rebels sacrifice one inch of moral high ground? Half of politics is marketing and spin; show your countrymen that you're the light of Libya, with peace and justice for all. Not only would you be essentially guaranteed a spot in Libyan politics for the next 20 years, but you'd go down in the world history books as a hero and a bad ass. 

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